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Angel’s Billabong

This tourism destination might be familiar for you. Above all, whenever you hear the name ‘Billabong’ a term which is famously known all over the world as an international brand. Basically, some spots in Nusa Penida Islands are named by the visitors. Since the similarity and its uniqueness, many tourists from overseas pinned the place with some particular names, e.g. Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, Crystal Beach, etc. Ah, interesting right?

Angel’s Billabong is an attractive place which provides natural pool with seawater. Basically, this pool is formed by the concave in the river estuary. The special from this place is its unique artistic and green yellowish coral reef, stunning as the best spot for photograph. Wedged by two high cliffs, this natural pool is quite large with different depth.

In certain occasion, this particular pool can be swum as long as the sea is in low tide condition. However, it’s very dangerous to swim while the high tide, the strong wave could drift you away into the ferocious sea. In addition, be aware with your feet, we highly suggest you to use shoes or sandal to avoid the sharpness of the coral reef while you’re swimming. Therefore, before you visiting this beautiful place, make sure sea water in low tide and bring your feet protector.

It’s very easy to reach Angel’s Billabong. From Toyapakeh Port you will pass some villages for 10 kilometers heading to the west. Exactly, this exotic tourism destination is located in Banjar Sompang, Bunga Mekar administrate village.