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Kelingking Beach

Have you ever visited a beach with a high cliff? Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida Islands will answer your question by serving you with an exotic sight of an abrupt cliff. Nusa Penida Island as the golden egg of Bali has amazing cliff border with the huge sea especially in the southern until western part. Unsurprisingly, Nusa Penida Islands have a lot of cliff to be visited. One of them is Kelingking Beach. Familiarly, the local villagers usually call Kelingking Beach as Karang Dawa Beach. It’s true then because of its location in the area of Karang Dawa Village.

Kelingking Beach has an unique cape besides its small isle. The unique cape looks like a head of Brontosaurus in science fiction movie. A breath taking sight, isn’t it? Near the stunning cape, beautiful white sand is ready to be stepped. However, spend a couple of minutes to get down the sand. Keep a wide awake and watch your step while following a very steep footpath. It’s very challenging through 150 meters length. Whenever you’re down, you’d be offered with a virgin and untouchable beach. It has 80 meters in large. Wonderful!

If you’re fortune, around July-October, be a witness to see some rayfish freely swim very close on the surface of seawater. How majestic it is! Diving as the favorite adventure usually does in this beach besides becomes the best spot for you who love photograph. Hence, we highly recommend you to have an exploration to this stunning beach.

Geographically, Kelingking Beach is located in Karang Dawa, Bunga Mekar administrative village. It takes 1 hour from the harbor. To reach this beach you need more extra energy because of the challenging trip. But don’t worry, we’re more than ready to give guidance and make your trip enjoyable. So, book now to our website.