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Temeling Natural Poll

Many people often judge Nusa Penida without spring water. Do you believe in that? Of course not, since there is less of information about Nusa Penida a few years ago, lead this misunderstanding. In fact, Nusa Penida Islands have a number of spring water. What are they? Tembeling Spring is one of them. Located in Banjar Salak, Batumadeg administrative village, this incomparable sacred spring becomes favorite tourism destination nowadays.

Actually, every tourism spot in Nusa Penida Islands has its own uniqueness, as Tembeling Spring does. This particular spring is surrounded by natural wide forest and facing down to the ocean, such an incredible place. Moreover, Tembeling Spring has a large natural pool with blue crystal water as the flow from the spring. This extraordinary pool has 5 meters around which is usually used by the men, an exception for the women who are allowed to swim in a small pool, one step down near the beach. At the edge of the pool, to challenge your adrenalin, you’re served with jumping cliff. In addition, there is also a small sacred pool in which local people commonly use the water as Tirta (holy water in Hindu). Surprisingly, you can drink that water directly. Near the pool, there are some shrines called Pura Pancuhan Tembeling.

It’s quite challenging to reach this harmonious spring. You need to walk around 1.6 kilometers through the wide forest after you pass 35 kilometers from Buyuk Port heading to the southern part of Nusa Penida Islands. However, all of your tiredness will be completely settled down with sensational natural pool in peaceful atmosphere. Are you ready to have incomparable exploration? Natural pool with crystal spring inside the forest facing to the exotic beach, amazing!