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Nusa Penida Destinations

Nusa Penida Island has various places that have their own uniqueness that you cannot find anywhere else.
Come and enjoy the natural beauty that is so riveting and discover new experiences while exploring the miracle paradise!

Diamond Beach

The most amazing beach on the island. Clear white sand with a blue ocean will make everyone feel in real heaven. you can feel the softness of the sand when you walk along this coastline. to reach this beach, you have to pass several stairs with wooden fences and ropes that you can also make a place to take pictures. if you want to swim here, you have to see the waves, because when in a big wave it will be dangerous to swim, safe when the small waves make it possible to swim.

Peguyangan Waterfall Temple

Guyangan waterfall is one of the most extremely amazing place, to reach the waterfall we have to step down the stairs with extreme fields. On the way, your eyes will be spoiled with infinity ocean views with amazing canyon. When you reach the waterfall you will see the water reservoirs which can drink directly, and you can enjoy the spectacular views . During the dry season the water does become scarce and the waterfall sometimes threatens to stop. In this place also we can find very sacred temple which devoted to worship to “Nyi Roro Kidul” which is in balinese faith is the queen of the sea. Guyangan Waterfall is unique in the fact that the water roars down the cliffs is goes directly out into the Indonesian ocean after it filters through the pools.

Seganing Waterfall

Has a very extreme steepness. to reach the waterfall (water flow, we have to go through a very steep road. This requires a lot of energy, it takes 40 minutes to get to the bottom and 1 hour to get to the top. The water flow is blocked in a small pond like jacuzi capable of loading around 5 people .

Teletubies Hill

The Hill Teletubbies is a unique place to visit. In this place your eyes will be spoiled by the green hills and you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere of beauty nature. The hills looks green when the rainy season and barren on the dry season.

Banah Cliff

The beauty of the cliff that borders directly with the blue sea which is decorated with hollow stones. graceful rows of cliffs will spoil our eyes. here is a sunset point and it is very suitable for camping.

Giri Putri Cave Temple

Goa Girl Putri is the most unique temple which is located in the biggest cave in Bali. This temple is located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level with the cave entrance. To get there, you have to step up the stairs uphill until arrive at the entrance, you will pass very small way to get in. When you get in the cave you will surprising how big the cave is, the cave itself has a length of approximately 310 meters and there are 6 places of worship in it. This place is very sacred, highly respected, and full of spiritual vibe. You will never ever see any cave temple like this, very beautiful and fantastic. To quit you will through in another side of the cave.

Mollenteng Treehouse

Molenteng treehouse is located nearby Atuh beach which has extremely amazing views From the top of the treehouse you can see the stunning views of row of islands and high rising cliff on the side which completed the beautiful of Molenteng treehouse.

Broken beach

What a stunning beauty nature views is located at Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Island, which is very unique place to visit. There are a land seems like the bridge between the beach, from the top it looks like super big natural pool with high cliff around. From the edge of the Cliff you will see the incredible ocean views with row of cliffs around. Legend tells the broken beach was a village which is fell down and forming a circle.This beach has amazing and unique views which can’t find in any places in the world and if you are lucky you can see a lot of stingrays and some sea turtles.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel's Billabong often called Angel of Nusa Penida is located at Sompang not to far from Pasih Uug (broken beach), this place is actually a stunning natural pool between the high cliffs on the side that happened when the sea is rough. At low tide you can actually get down to swim in the crystal clear water . The beauty of Angel's Billabong is visible from the cliffs are beautiful and have a meeting estuarine water clear beaches that appear greenish. Enjoy your fabulous views.

Angel’s Billabong is an attractive place which provides natural pool with seawater. Basically, this pool is formed by the concave in the river estuary. The special from this place is its unique artistic and green yellowish coral reef, stunning as the best spot for photograph. Wedged by two high cliffs, this natural pool is quite large with different depth.

In certain occasion, this particular pool can be swum as long as the sea is in low tide condition. However, it’s very dangerous to swim while the high tide, the strong wave could drift you away into the ferocious sea. In addition, be aware with your feet, we highly suggest you to use shoes or sandal to avoid the sharpness of the coral reef while you’re swimming. Therefore, before you visiting this beautiful place, make sure sea water in low tide and bring your feet protector.

It’s very easy to reach Angel’s Billabong. From Toyapakeh Port you will pass some villages for 10 kilometers heading to the west. Exactly, this exotic tourism destination is located in Banjar Sompang, Bunga Mekar administrate village.

Atuh Beach

One of many beaches in Nusa Penida Island which has great scenery is Atuh Beach. Located in the southern of Nusa Penida Island, this hidden beach is surrounded by amazing high cliffs such of great wall and wide white sand. This beach is hammed in two high cliffs, Juntil Cape in the left and Ampuak Cape in the right side of the beach. In the east of the beach, there are some hills which make aggregation panorama seen from the highest cliff. The biggest hill is called Padasan Hill which has some spots appropriate for fishing and camping. Besides that, it also has ...?..Cave in bottom and wonderful gate called Batu Melawang. Move to the east of Padasan Hill, there are Abah Hill, and twin hills called Batu Mategen.

This hidden beach is exactly located in Banjar Pelilit, Pejukutan Village. It’s just 30 km from Sampalan Village, about 45 minutes. It can be reached by motorcycle or car and by foot through land, besides by speed boat through the sea.

There is no regret for you to come here. You can swimming, snorkeling an exotic coral reefs and colorful fish splashing, sunbathing, playing on the sand, camping, and many more. So, be a witness of exploring an intoxicating experience in Atuh Beach.

Crystal Bay

Nusa Penida Islands, since the festival conducted for several times, a lot of beaches as tourism destination appear. An exotic atmosphere with wonderful crystal water, Crystal Bay may become the prior place to be visited while you’re in Nusa Penida Islands. This northern beach in Nusa Penida Island offers you an impressive and panoramic sight. Surrounded by two capes and a small hill on the high seas together with a temple on the top of the hill, Crystal Bay becomes the most favorite place for many visitors both international and local visitors.

Crystal Beach is completed with marsh under the coconut tree and wellspring near the temple which becomes the main source of water for more villagers. This water flows on the wide white sand to the sea. For you, who loves jogging, you are served with hundreds ladder steps on the hill near the sea front for trekking. In addition, this wonderful beach is the best spot for divers to have such a stunning diving in clear water. Snorkeling, surfing with amazing wave, sunbathing, are also the optional activities that you can do in Crystal Beach.

Crystal Bay Beach is very reachable and famous since the festival of Nusa Penida Island held by the government. Originally this beach is known as Pantai Penida local name as it famously known as Crystal Bay. Crystal Beach is exactly located in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village, only takes 15 minutes from Toyapakeh traditional port and 30 minutes from Sampalan to the west. You can go there by motorcycle, bike, car, speed boat even traditional ship, personally or touring package.

What are you waiting for? Take your phone and book your trip to us. Be the first to enjoy the wonderful sight, sunset between the hills, numerous of marine diversity peacefully. An exotic panoramic sight will be ready to intimate your sight, truly. It’s proven with complete facilities besides its natural facilities like some small food and drink shops, art shop, and resort.

Gamat Beach

Gamat beach is currently known as stunning beach which has exotic sight and becomes one of the famous beaches in Nusa Penida Island. This beach is special for those who have hobby in diving and snorkeling. Located in Banjar Sakti, this wonderful beach is surrounded by two hills facing to Ceningan Island with 200 meters in length. In addition, different with other common beaches, Gamat Beach has its own characteristic. The beach which is serving a number of coconut trees differed in the color of the sand. It is quite strange and unbelievable, it has two different colors. The combination of white sandy beach and the black sandy beach create new stunning gradation of color. Comparing with most crystal water beach called Crystal Bay Beach, Gamat Beach is resembling the level of cleanse. “Majestic”, that’s word is the best one to describe the beauty of this virgin beach. Gamat Beach has standard high of wave, it is very appropriate for the beginner to have such of surfing hobby. However, you must notice the unpredictable long unbroken wave. As the mostly strength of beaches in Nusa Penida, Gamat Beach also has numerous species of waters diversity. Of course, you’ll be satisfied with its coral reef and marine life diversity.

This wonderful beach belongs to new tourism destination. Therefore, the access is quite hard to reach. Gamat Beach is located in the northwest part of Nusa Penida Island, directly in Sakti Village. It may take you for 30 minutes from the main harbor in Sampalan through car or motorcycle, then your vehicle will be parked hundred meters from the beach. As the challenge, you need to walk for 10 minutes through footstep to meet the majestic beach facing to Ceningan Island.

Kelingking Beach

Have you ever visited a beach with a high cliff? Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida Islands will answer your question by serving you with an exotic sight of an abrupt cliff. Nusa Penida Island as the golden egg of Bali has amazing cliff border with the huge sea especially in the southern until western part. Unsurprisingly, Nusa Penida Islands have a lot of cliff to be visited. One of them is Kelingking Beach. Familiarly, the local villagers usually call Kelingking Beach as Karang Dawa Beach. It’s true then because of its location in the area of Karang Dawa Village.

Kelingking Beach has an unique cape besides its small isle. The unique cape looks like a head of Brontosaurus in science fiction movie. A breath taking sight, isn’t it? Near the stunning cape, beautiful white sand is ready to be stepped. However, spend a couple of minutes to get down the sand. Keep a wide awake and watch your step while following a very steep footpath. It’s very challenging through 150 meters length. Whenever you’re down, you’d be offered with a virgin and untouchable beach. It has 80 meters in large. Wonderful!

If you’re fortune, around July-October, be a witness to see some rayfish freely swim very close on the surface of seawater. How majestic it is! Diving as the favorite adventure usually does in this beach besides becomes the best spot for you who love photograph. Hence, we highly recommend you to have an exploration to this stunning beach.

Geographically, Kelingking Beach is located in Karang Dawa, Bunga Mekar administrative village. It takes 1 hour from the harbor. To reach this beach you need more extra energy because of the challenging trip. But don’t worry, we’re more than ready to give guidance and make your trip enjoyable. So, book now to our website.

Snorkeling Spot

Fantastic coral view

Tembeling Spring

Many people often judge Nusa Penida without spring water. Do you believe in that? Of course not, since there is less of information about Nusa Penida a few years ago, lead this misunderstanding. In fact, Nusa Penida Islands have a number of spring water. What are they? Tembeling Spring is one of them. Located in Banjar Salak, Batumadeg administrative village, this incomparable sacred spring becomes favorite tourism destination nowadays.

Actually, every tourism spot in Nusa Penida Islands has its own uniqueness, as Tembeling Spring does. This particular spring is surrounded by natural wide forest and facing down to the ocean, such an incredible place. Moreover, Tembeling Spring has a large natural pool with blue crystal water as the flow from the spring. This extraordinary pool has 5 meters around which is usually used by the men, an exception for the women who are allowed to swim in a small pool, one step down near the beach. At the edge of the pool, to challenge your adrenalin, you’re served with jumping cliff. In addition, there is also a small sacred pool in which local people commonly use the water as Tirta (holy water in Hindu). Surprisingly, you can drink that water directly. Near the pool, there are some shrines called Pura Pancuhan Tembeling.

It’s quite challenging to reach this harmonious spring. You need to walk around 1.6 kilometers through the wide forest after you pass 35 kilometers from Buyuk Port heading to the southern part of Nusa Penida Islands. However, all of your tiredness will be completely settled down with sensational natural pool in peaceful atmosphere. Are you ready to have incomparable exploration? Natural pool with crystal spring inside the forest facing to the exotic beach, amazing!

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